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21st Oct 2018

PIC: Dubliner Does The Evilest Thing To Skip Queue In Krispy Kreme In Blanchardstown

Darragh Berry

We’ve all been completely overwhelmed by the amount of publicity that the opening of a donut shop got in Dublin.

Krispy Kreme has been constantly in the headlines from the minute it opened in Blanchardstown and why?

Queues and queues and queues.

The amount of queues and noise because of its opening meant that after just one week of being opened, the donut shop had to close its 24 hours drive-thru.

But, that hasn’t stopped the queues which, almost a month on, are still catastrophic.

And it’s amazing, some people will do anything to get in front of someone who is queuing for a donut in Krispy Kreme.

We mean anything, as this Dubliner found out.

MMA Journalist Peter Carroll is from the area and witnessed first hand what can only be described as the most evil tactic to skip the queue ahead of someone.

“I’m in Krispy Kreme. A lad just jammed his baby’s pram into the back of my legs to distract me so he could get ahead of me in the queue.”

Using a poor innocent baby as bait so you can get some delicious donut-y goodness first.

Shame on you sir, and we hope Peter enjoyed his treats when he eventually got to them.