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18th Jun 2017

‘Rescue Pets Of Dublin’ Is The Most Important Thing You’ll See This Week

Alana Laverty

One of our favourite Facebook pages, Humans of Dublin, has teamed up with the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) this week.

Together they aim to celebrate the joy of owning a pet and create public awareness of the plight many different kinds of animals endure while awaiting a home in shelters and rescue centres all around the globe.

So this week, instead of highlighting people in Dublin, Humans of Dublin will transform into an animal haven shining a light on ‘Rescue Pets of Dublin’.

Today is ‘Pet Day’, a day for pet owners to show their furry friends how much they love ’em. But for the animals out there currently without a home, we are asked to show our love in a different manner, by donating time, food or money to the DSPCA. 

Remember – adopt, don’t shop. 

We actually met this beautiful pup the day we went out to visit our lovely friends in DSPCA. 

Some of their posts will break your heart. 

Find out how you can do your bit here

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