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08th Aug 2017

Ryanair Flight En Route To Dublin Struck By Lightning

Alana Laverty

Scary stuff. 

A Ryanair flight from Luton to Dublin was struck by a bolt of lightning on Saturday afternoon, the Irish Sun reports. 

The flight departed Luton airport at 2.05pm and was struck moments later, while ascending. 

Just imagine how terrifying this must’ve been…

The plan landed safely in Dublin however passengers were reportedly “terrified” for the duration of the flights. 

Some were unaware what caused the disturbance. 

“After we left the ground, roughly 90 seconds into climbing, there was an extremely large bang or explosion and flash outside at the engine,” one passenger told the Irish Sun

A spokesperson for Ryanair confirmed the incident with the Sun:

“This flight from London Luton to Dublin encountered a lightning strike shortly after departure from Luton Airport, before continuing its flight and landing normally. Ryanair engineers inspected the aircraft in Dublin and cleared it to return to service.”

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