Santa's Pop Up Grotto - Somewhere For The Adults To Have The Craic For A Change


There's something so tragic about the realisation when you're a little tot that Santa just isn't real. In retrospect it should have been obvious... It's impossible to fly around the world in one night, obese men cannot squeeze down chimneys and if Santas could make dreams come true then maybe some people would be living happier lives. However we still feel a twinge of nostalgia every year when we see the kids lining up to meet Santa, all that excitement and magic. Well if you're sick of the kids having all the fun, then not to worry. Santa has come to town early this year for the big kids only.


Opened on South Anne Street a few weeks ago, Santa's Pop Up Grotto is most certainly for grown ups only. They serve up food and drink from 5pm each night up until the end of December and you can expect fun worth only of Bad Santa. Make sure to check this spot out while you still can!


Written By

Emma Kenneally

Obsessed with all things food related, Emma is either thinking about food, talking about food, cooking food or eating food.