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16th Feb 2021

Saoirse Ronan’s favourite Dublin nail bar is hosting a virtual night out this month

Sarah Finnan

Tropical Popical

Clearly missing ‘normal’ life (we’ve forgotten what ‘normal life’ even is at this point), Tropical Popical has come up with a 2021-friendly alternative. Taking to social media to put out their ‘save the date’ so to speak, the team tweeted to say:

“Ok. We thought we’d be back having real life lols by now. But as we’re not we’re succumbing to having a ball on the www. Save the 26th Feb for a TropPop night out, in.

“Deets incoming, but we can’t wait to have a BUZZ again.”

Nor can we tbh. It’s been far too long.

What’s the Saoirse Ronan connection you ask? It all dates back to 2016 when the actress appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Speaking to the chat show host about where she was when she found out she’d been nominated for a Golden Globe, it turns out she was in with the TropPop gang at the time and, well, we’ll let her tell it.

Header image via Instagram/Tropical Popical 

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