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20th Dec 2016

Searching For A Bank Holiday Sunday Sesh? Here Are 5 Places You’ll Find One Tonight

Alana Laverty

Bank Holiday Sundays are for having a few too many, making your way home under mysterious, tactical circumstances and having a painful hangover the next morning.

But luckily for you tomorrow morning is a Bank Holiday Monday. So you can stay in bed for as long as needs be.

Round up your mates tonight and head to one of the following…

1. Pyg

Join your fellow sesh searchers here. And rejoice. 

With decent 2-for-1 cocktails, 40% off all drinks and a chilled atmosphere til late, Pyg guarantees you a Bank Holiday Monday hangover. 

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2. Sophie’s 

One for the fancier, notion-filled bunch – who are still on a session search.

Those of you who like to sip cocktails, get all dressed up and party until late will fit right in here


3. Grand Social 

Great tunes, booze flowing, a BBQ and a late finish makes it a must visit for a sure sesh. 

These guys love a Bank Holiday Sunday as much as we do, if you’re heading along buy your tickets online beforehand. 

Grand Social

4. The Bernard Shaw 

Much like a music festival, but within the confines of a bar and courtyard. 

Sip on beers knowing everybody with you is on the same buzz.

Bernard Shaw

5. McGowan’s 

One of the best known places for a sesh on the Northside. 

The good thing about this place is that no matter how hard you’ve been going all weekend, there’s always somebody in a worse shtate than you.


Make the most of the Bank Holiday, ya sesh legends. 

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