Searsons On Baggot Street Have Just Ensured That We DEFINITELY Won't Win The World Cup

"Oh hi, fate. Let me tempt you."

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It's nice to dream about Paul O'Connell lifting the Webb Ellis Cup in Twickenham on October 31.

And lord knows, it's a picture we've all painted in our minds, time and time again – particularly over recent weeks.

But you know the rule – you don't actually say these things out loud. And you certainly don't print it into a MASSIVE banner and put it on the front of your pub! That's just asking for trouble.

Nonetheless, that's exactly what Searson's on Baggot Street have done... and, to be fair, you can't help but get kinda pumped looking at it.

IMG 1172
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You have to admire the ballsiness of this, to be fair. Shaking off the underdog tag, and parading ourselves as potential champions, is not something we're used to doing here – so fair play Searsons!

That said, if we lose, we now know who to blame.