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20th Dec 2016

Shocking Video Shows Stupid Drivers Crashing Into The Luas


Every couple of weeks social media lights up with pictures of another car crashing into the Luas. Although most are small prangs the problem seems to be getting worse which is why today Luas have launched their “What’s the Harm” campaign and shared the video below. It shows people in their cars running red lights and getting taken out of it by unsuspecting Luas drivers. I don’t know about you but we seem to have a serious problem with people running red lights in this city and the cops don’t ever seem to clamp down on it. Anytime I’m driving through a fractionally marginal light I look in the mirror and see about 3 other cars piling through after me and actually speeding up. Nice use of cc TV footage here that will hopefully raise awareness and even possibly save a couple of lives.