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07th Jun 2018

PIC: Dublin Girl Sends Accidental 4am Insta DM To Simon Harris

Darragh Berry

It’s like this.

If you message the Minister for Health at 4am with a “you up?” text that is clearly meant for someone else, you can either do one of two things:

  1. Delete all Social Media, change your name, get your passport, book a flight to Australia and never come home, forever burdened with the shame OR
  2. Screenshot it, put it up online and be proud, shout it from the rooftops that you messaged Simon Harris by accident. 

That’s what Dubliner, Erica Finn did on Wednesday night. 

She was up late, checking out the latest from Instagram stories when she came across Simon Harris’ story. We’re not sure if she meant to reply to him or whether there is another Simon Harris or Simon in her life that she confused the Minister with but she hit him up… 

As you do.

“Did I you up Simon Harris at 4am?” she asks her followers. Yes Erica, yes you did. 

In fairness, she did apologise immediately when she woke up saying that it was the “wrong person/pal” but Harris hasn’t replied as of yet, bad enough form.

Have you ever hit up anyone as well-known as this by accident or on purpose? Let us know in the comments, please.

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