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08th Nov 2019

Six Dublin Tourist Attractions That Are Well Worth Visiting As A Local

Alan Fisher

Ever have friends over from another country and they ask you what the best things to do around Dublin are?

And you sit there thinking, “I should really know this.” It happens to me far too often (not that I’ve that many friends) and I want to correct it.

We all know they’re there, sitting on our doorsteps. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to neglect them. “Ahh I’ll do it someday” is a common phrase that comes to mind when I think of sightseeing in Dublin.

But let’s be real. Dublin is an amazing city with some really cool spots you need to check out.

Here are my top spots:

1. Guinness Storehouse



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It took me way longer than it should have to visit the good aul storehouse. Guinness is actually part of our blood (may not be true) and we’re all experts on saying ‘“that’s a good pint of Guinness”. But what do we actually know if we haven’t visited the famous St. James Gate. There is no shortage of transport to the area as it’s situated in Dublin 8, so no excuses.

The entire experience of the storehouse is incredible from start to finish. Not only do you find exactly how the black stuff is made, but you get to enjoy the other aspects of the Guinness journey. We all know how good Guinness’ advertising campaigns are and there is an entire floor dedicated to the years of creative magic. Plant yourself out on the floor while watching past and present TV ads before taking some pics with some iconic figures.

Next we learn how to pour our own perfect pint of the black stuff…not to brag but, I nailed it. They also have a brand new feature where you can print your face on the top of the pint which I’m digging. This is all a lead up to the incredible 360 bar on the roof that looks over all of Dublin. Grab a pint and try and see if you can point out your gaf.

2. Jameson Distillery



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Ok another drinking spot, sums us up doesn’t it? But I know I won’t get you to go unless I entice you with a free beverage at the end. Again, this is the magic of finding out how this beautiful whiskey is made and comparing the different whiskeys. You’ll be an expert when you leave. If you feel like you know the basics, there are more advanced tours you can enjoy. Pick from either the Whiskey Blending Class or the Whiskey Cocktail Making Class to become a real pro.

This is such a cool spot located on Bow St. in the Smithfield area. I would highly recommend a visit.

3. Kilmainham Jail



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We were all dragged there as kids on school tours, but at that age you’re not taking much in. Well I wasn’t anyway, I was concentrating more on trying to lock one of my mates in a cell. But this is an absolute gem rich with Irish history. Some of the most famous names from 1916 where either held or executed here plus the decades of history it holds since it was first built in 1796. At the end of the day is there anything more interesting than a jail?

4. Croke Park



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Again, this is another school tour spot, but it needs to be revisited with a bit more attention. I’ve done other stadium tours but nothing compares to this. The history of GAA is explored in detail but not just in terms of who won what match. It delves into how it has contributed towards our culture and our social heritage.

You can have a look through the incredible trophy cabinets which include the famous Sam Maguire and Liam MacCarthy cups before making a fool of yourself in the game area. Much like Kilmainham Jail, this is necessary knowledge you need as a Dubliner.

5. Malahide Castle



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This magnificent castle is one of the oldest in Ireland and dates back to 1175. Holy sh*t, that’s old. The great thing is that there are lovely cafes and shops so you can spend your day sipping on coffee if needs be. The real beauty of the castle is the land it lies on – the entire day and be spent strolling around the gardens.

6. Temple Bar



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This may sound extremely obvious and you’ve probably walked through it a thousand times and barely even batted an eyelid. But try put yourself in a tourist’s shoes the next time. Take your head out of your phone and have a look about. Dublin is a busy city but nothing beats the hustle and bustle of Temple Bar. Spend your day dipping in and out of different bars, mix with locals and tourist and enjoy all the energy the area has to offer.

Make sure you visit these attractions to become well equipped with your city and be prepared for future visitors.


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