So 'Cuddle Parties' Are Now A Thing, And Two Are Taking Place In Dublin This Weekend

Alright then...

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If the idea of a stranger hugging you is your worst nightmare, I'd suggest that you stop reading right about now...

Yesterday, we received an email from Hugs for Health & Happiness saying that we had missed out on a key Valentine's weekend event for singles - the cuddle party.

"What's a cuddle party?!", you ask. Well...

A cuddle party is a short workshop in non-sexual touch, boundaries and communication, followed by a couple of hours to put what you’ve learned into practice by enjoying and exploring touch. (Think hugs, foot rubs, back rubs, spooning and just general non-sexual snuggling.) Cuddle Party is a place to unwind, take time for yourself and feel good.

Hugs for Health & Happiness​

If that description doesn't make you hide under your duvet alone for the rest of eternity, you can head along to the Harvest Moon Centre on Baggot Street at 6.45pm today (Saturday) or 1.45pm tomorrow (Sunday) for three whole hours of spoonin' strangers.

I'm outtie!


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