Here's How The People Of Dublin Really Lost Their Shit Over In-N-Out Burger Today

You know a place serves great burgers when you need a wristband to get in


In case you missed it, In-N-Out Burger came to Dublin today and pretty much everybody lost their shit about it.

Why did everyone go especially crazy for a burger that pales in comparison to the best in this city? Probably because the cult sensation burger joint only appeared here as a one-day-only pop-up.

While In-N-Out was supposed to remain serving until 3pm, the phenomenal demand resulted in burgers being sold out around 12.45pm.


Mayflies have longer lifespans than this pop-up

The burger loving people of Dublin had their crazed say about the short-lived eatery on Twitter.

And boy. Did they really lose their absolute SHIT over it.

Even singer/songwriter James Vincent McMorrow was not immune to In-N-Out's greasy charms.

And if people weren't going mental for In-N-Out Burger, there was also folks getting outraged against the burger joint.

So, have we seen the last of In-N-Out in Ireland?

Have we fuck.

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