Sober Lane D4 - The Most Craic You'll Ever Have Over A Pint in Dublin


Sober Lane seems to be doing everything right at the moment. During the summer they received loads of media attention for their innovative way of recruiting new staff via SnapChat, and more recently they hosted a free Christmas dinner for anyone unable to celebrate with their families. What was a great hit in Cork for years, has now become a well established Dublin pub in the short space of a few months. But what are they doing that's luring in so many crowds? There's a very simple tactic that they have employed, and it's called having fun. No employee or patron of Sober Lane could ever be accused of being too serious, and therein lies their success.


Their nightly themes and events encourage all sorts of tomfoolery, they break up the monotony of just going for a pint in your local, and draw in different crowds each evening. Monday is Mexican night, there's a 'sharpest knife' pub quiz each Tuesday, with music from Thursday night through to Saturday, and boozy all day brunches at the weekend.

There are also great opportunities at Sober Lane to win a few free drinks throughout the week. Wednesdays are 'Rock Paper Scissors' nights where you can challenge your bartender to a game and if you win, your round is free. Sundays go that one step further with 'Flip-A-Coin', where you choose heads or tails and if successful, the drinks are also on the house. For even the least competitive person in the world, this creates a great sense of fun when ordering drinks.


In terms of food at Sober Lane, you're spoilt for choice – they do very good pub food with insanely large portions, involving generous amounts of cheese, fried stuff and meat (exactly what you want when on the beer!). Bonus points must be awarded for their Rollover Special on the brunch menu which comprises of a berocca, a beer and a big bowl of chilli to get you back on your feet again. Each evening between 6pm-9pm you can join them for their Supper Club - a delicious three course steak dinner at just 20 quid a head. They also provide very well for vegetarians, with plenty of options involving halloumi and avocado in lieu of a dead animal on your plate. With plenty of fun and games, great food, a relaxed atmosphere, and hilarious bar staff who aren't afraid of a bit of banter, it's no wonder that Sober Lane has instantly become a staple in Dublin's pub scene.


Written By

Fíodhna Horan Murphy

Fíodhna is deputy editor of Lovin Dublin and the Lovin Group. She's mad into music, gigs, cans by the canal and anything leopard print.