Solidarity With Dunnes Stores Workers Or 20% Off Online?


We've all heard about the big strike today, and the fact that there will be pickets outside all Dunnes Stores. Where are people going to get their sausage rolls at 11 o'clock today?

There are serious issues at play here on both sides: Dunnes have decided to try and negate the huge effect this will have on their sales today by offering a 20% off sale all day on their website. They are hoping that instead of having to pass the picket, people will want to snap up a bit of a bargain from the comfort of their own homes or while on their lunch break in the office.


As you can imagine people are not very happy with them...

So what are your own thoughts on this? Would you pass the picket? Do you reckon it's a good deal getting 20% off, or are you with the workers?

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Niall Harbison

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