Someone Tried To Deface This Pro-Equality Mural Outside The Bernard Shaw

But they didn't really do a great job of it...


While the Marriage Equality referendum campaign hasn't been quite as ugly as we all feared (so far, at least), it's not been without its moments.

From leaflets about 'Sounds of Sodomy', to radio interviews that would make you want to weep, the No side have come out with some fairly shocking and meticulously planned attacks against the proposal, which will be put to the vote on May 22.

However, their latest attempt – spotted this morning by Lovin Dublin deputy editor Fíodhna Horan-Murphy – took their ingenious and foolproof plans to an entirely new level, as they took to a pro-equality mural outside The Bernard Shaw, armed only with their wits and a (presumably half-empty) spray can. The mural is part of artist Will St Leger's Walls of Equality initiative, and is the work of Dublin native, Jess Tobin.

Yup, we can definitely see this changing a few minds in the weeks running up to the vote; surely by now, the Yes side must know that their goose is well and truly cooked.


Image: Fíodhna Horan-Murphy


Image: Fíodhna Horan-Murphy

Written By

Aidan Coughlan