Something Very Special And Very Green Is Planned For This St. Patrick's Day


You've probably noticed for the last number of years that some of the biggest and best known monuments around the world have been going green to celebrate St Patrick's day. The reason behind it is to try inspire as many people as possible to come and visit our little island.


Down under went green


As did the leaning tower of Pisa

Stage 2 Of Going Green Involves Us

Discover Ireland want to bring the campaign back to Ireland this year. Even though we already all tend to go green on the big day they want to take things to the next level by getting businesses involved.

This video explains it


So get the website green


Or paint the shop


Or do anything that you can.

Do whatever you can and it'll make our city look spectacular and get coverage all over the world. For more info click here

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Niall Harbison

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