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27th Aug 2021

Spending the night with Number 31

Rory Cashin

Arguably Dublin’s best kept date-night hotel…

Tucked away just off Leeson Street, the sign stylishly, partially hidden by an overgrowing bush, it almost feels as if Number 31 doesn’t want to be found. Or at the very least, wants to remain one of Dublin’s best kept hotel secrets.

Most people I talked to about staying there admitted they’d never heard of it, and that kind of hush-hush, need-to-know vibe almost feels baked into the DNA of the hotel itself.

The overall, pervading thought I had all the way through my night with Number 31 was “This would be the perfect place for a date night.”

Be it Valentine’s Day, or celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or just wanting to splurge a bit after those 18 months and counting, there is a level of decadence to Number 31 that certainly makes you feel like you’re spoiling yourself by spending the night here.

The lobby is minimalist but stylish, with the reception desk on the far side of a seating pit, below the breakfast room and hallways leading off to the many bedrooms in the building.

Out of the back, another luxury Georgian townhouse, all renovated in an Old Hollywood, almost Great Gatsby aesthetic, and in between, a lovely garden space with fire pit and seating areas.

There are a few different types of rooms, from intimate doubles to the one-of-a-kind Sam’s Room, but we were in what is called a Fabulous Double Room for the night. The first thing that hits you in the gargantuan size, with the ceilings feeling at least 14 feet away, a huge bay window looking out into that gardenscape, and a massive chandelier dangling from above.

The usual extras we know expect to be spoiled with are present and correct – wifi, in-room coffee machine, lovely soft bathrobes – but there were one or two more that really hammered home the extra sense of lushness in the room. One was a Dyson air conditioner, which came in INCREDIBLY handy during this summer’s recent hot nights. And the other is the Voya products available in the bathroom. You always know a hotel is using the right stuff when you start Googling if you can buy it yourself, and Voya’s wonderful mix of seaweed and peppermint is definitely something to seek out.

Elsewhere in the room, the huge Smart TV is built into the wall with a picture frame, making it look like a huge black mirror when turned off. The interior design is all old-timey magazines and flapper dresses on mannequins, but without ever feeling over-the-top or gimmicky. The bed was massively comfortable without taking up too much floorspace in the room itself, and the bathroom came equipped with one of those waterfall shower heads that will have you standing under it for an hour without noticing the time going by.

The next morning, the breakfast part of your bed & breakfast stay came with a bowl of fruit, some of their famous cranberry loaf, and then you select your meal from the menu. We went with the full Irish, and left the table full and satisfied.

Overall, while there are likely many reasons why someone might want to stay at Number 31, it really does add up the ultimate date night stay. Full details of bookings, pricings and availability can be found here.

Main image via Instagram/@Number31Dublin

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