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14th Jul 2017

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga Exists In Dublin And Here’s Why You Need To Try It

Alana Laverty

You may have spotted this before down in Grand Canal Dock. 

But if you haven’t, you’re probably like WTF?!

Working out on water could be the coolest idea we’ve ever heard of, especially on a paddleboard where you need all the balance in the world to prevent you from toppling over into the water. 

StandUp Paddleboard Yoga (AKA SUP yoga) is brilliant for training your core, finding your balance and for spending time out on the water. 

The unique thing about SUP YogaFitness is you get to enjoy the freedom and fun of movement paired with the energy the element of nature and water transmits into your practice. 


The benefits of taking your practice to water are far more than just physical – mental concentration is required to move your body over an unstable surface. 

You’ll move differently over water, slower, with more intention as you are exploring new perspectives and engage new muscles and tendons in your body that you’ve probably never used before!


  • A 60-minute SUP yoga class is €25
  • All equipment is provided – including wetsuit 
  • All you need to bring is your togs and a towel
  • No experience required 
  • Classes take place at Surfdock in Grand Canal Dock 

Bring mind, body and spirit together in this nature-filled floating yoga class. 

Bet you’re only dying to do one now.

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