Start Planning Your Lunch Outside – There's A Hot, Dry And Sunny Day Coming Your Way

The Met Éireann site actually says "Good drying today"


Right, people. This is the moment we spoke about. The one we thought might come some day, but we never fully allowed ourselves to believe in.

According to Met Éireann:

After a cold start with some ground frost it will turn mild with highest temperatures 15 to 18 degrees generally but northerly breezes will make it feel cooler along northern and eastern coasts.

We're going to choose to ignore that last part there, because everyone knows when you can see the sun, warmth instantly follows.


So what to do?

Well, for a start you could check out the best outdoor food markets in Dublin. You could also try what we described as "The Best Terrace In Dublin For Some Wicked Al Fresco Italian Food" – or, if you're feeling a little bit bold as the day rolls on and your body temperature rolls up, take a sneaky look at the 10 best beer gardens in Dublin for after-work drinks.

Either way, this is the day we've all been waiting for.

Enjoy it.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan