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Stuck For Somewhere To Live? These Japanese Style Sleeping Pods Are Now For Sale In Dublin

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We’ve all been subject to Dublin’s ludicrous housing market. 

Paying way too much for way too little, taking out a mortgage to afford a parking space, and queuing up for hours just to get a LOOK inside a place. 

It’s nuts. 

However, when there’s a will…

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These Japanese-style sleeping pods are now on the Dublin market. 

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According to the post on Adverts.ie

”These pods can be used for homes, landlords, hostels, sports clubs, universities etc. to increase sleeping space with enhanced privacy and increased income. They meet the highest CE and British BS standards for fire safety and strength.”

”Landlords and Hostel owners – put two pods where you have one bed and double your income. These will pay for themselves in a few months depending on rent, and may be offset against tax. These pods are widely used for power naps in forward-thinking companies such as Google and Facebook to increase employee productivity.”

”Regular families in suburban houses are putting a couple of pods in their box rooms to rent to students during term time. They can earn up to €14,000 tax free per year in the process, offsetting their own childrens’ fees and rent, or helping with the mortgage.”

And there you have it.

The pods come in at €2995 per stackable pod, and they come in pairs.

So, what do you think?

Nuts, or ideal? 

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