Super Miss Sue - Dublin's Hippest New Restaurant Is A Go

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


You never review a restaurant on their first night and since this was a private tasting for the hippest new restaurant in Dublin (Super Miss Sue) this isn't a review. I'm just letting you know it is open for business. See the opening night of a restaurant is about as traumatic a night as you can have for owners second only to child birth and divorce in terms of stress levels. You spend months building your vision but no matter how organized you are it still involves calling in friends and family on the last day in a final last scramble to polish plates and change light bulbs. There are inevitably 2-3 electricians around wiring up ovens and the plaster board will have fallen in about an hour before opening. For somebody who has never been involved in a restaurant imagine the stress of moving family home and then having 80 guests arriving on your first night to your new house. Add in the fact that you've probably hyped the place to death and that your first clients will inevitably be douchebag restaurant critics and bloggers like myself looking to find any tiny fault with your new home and it's a miracle more restauranteurs don't die of heart attacks.

Super Miss Sue opens to the public today and it ticks one of the last boxes needed on the Dublin restaurant scene which is a top end seafood bar. It comes from the owners of Butchers Grill, Dillingers and 777 who are hands down the best restaurateurs in Dublin so you can expect something pretty special. Just like most of their restaurants it comes with a heavy New York influence. Gin is popular in New York at the moment so this is a Gin Bar / Campari Bar, Fish and chip shop, fine dining restaurant and cafe all rolled into one. The restaurant isn't opened yet but the cafe is and if you are in town getting shitfaced you can stroll by and get some high end fish and chips until 3 in the morning from their badass chipper.
I'd describe the concept as absolutely bat shit crazy. How can you have that many things under one roof? You know what though crazy is good and crazy is different and that is exactly what we need here in Dublin. I don't know many other places that would have the chops to have Prosecco and wine on tap rather than in bottles. The music is pumping, the people will be cool and the investment here is large so expect this to quickly become the hip place to go in town. I'll go back and review it properly further down the line when they make it feel like home and get properly settled. As I stood there talking to the owner he explained that the front door handle had fallen off in his hand just before opening which isn't really the time to be drilling down into the crispiness of their batter or freshness of their oysters. Check it out from today onwards though and share your thoughts. I'm off to put aside the 1000 Euros I know I'll inevitably be spending in here during 2014