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21st Sep 2020

Swimmers delight! There’s a new coffee car parking up at the 40 Foot 

Sarah Finnan

coffee car

Kitted out with a fairly impressive looking coffee machine in the boot, the car is cute, compact and comes fully caffeinated… my kinda car.

Coffee fiends are in luck as there’s a new coffee car in town. Not exactly sure what that is? I wasn’t either until approximately two minutes ago. Surprisingly, it’s not a car made from coffee but rather a small smart car serving up cups of liquid happiness from the boot. Still lost? Let me explain.

A new ‘Covid company’ business venture by Stephen Flynn and Josh Adams, Five 6 Max aims to serve up big, barista standard, high-end coffee from the back of a small smart car. Sharing a look at the very impressive rigout, the guys asked for recommendations on where to set up – with some of Dublin’s swimming spots amongst the most popular suggestions.

Parking up in Monkstown for their ‘first day behind the beast’, the 40 Foot in Dun Laoghaire is next on the list with the guys serving up coffee and hot chocolate since 6:30am this morning.

The early bird gets the steaming hot cuppa… or something like that. Keep an eye on the Five 6 Max insta page for location updates.

Header image via Instagram/Five 6 Max

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