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06th Jun 2018

Swimming Restrictions Put In Place At These Three Dublin Beaches

Darragh Berry

The sun is out but sadly, your favourite beaches might be off limits when it comes to taking a dip in the water. 

Irish water has advised people to stay out of the sea after wastewater overflowed from a pumping station and they issued a notice to stop people from swimming at Dollymount, Sandymount and Merrion strands.

A power outage at Spencer Dock Pumping Station resulted in wastewater overflowing into the surface water at the East Road pumping station. 

Advisory bathing water notices were handed to the three beaches as a precaution and Irish Water is saying that the notice will stay in place until the results come back clear. 

In Sandymount and Dollymount, they state that: 

Current Swim Restriction due to Possible Pollution, the exception duration is two days at the moment. 

Risk of deterioration in water quality due to emergency sewage overflow (in the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown)

While, swim restrictions at Merrion Strand applies at this beach for the entire season because it was classified as having poor water quality.

Sandymount Strand and Merrion Strand are both 2 km a sandy beach with a gradual slope, which makes the water too shallow for any real swimming.

Dollymount Strand is the largest beach that is closest to Dublin City Centre and is situated on North Bull Island.

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