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20th Dec 2016

Take A Look At The Protest To Save Moore Street That’s Happening Right Now


A protest is now in progress to save buildings on Dublin’s Moore Street that date back to the 1916 Rising.

Demolition work was set to take place on the properties yesterday in order to build a shopping centre, but protestors had occupied the buildings forcing workers to halt their activity. The protestors have since hung a sign on the front of the properties reading, “Occupy Moore Street”.

According to, about 15 people from the ‘Save Moore Street From Demolition’ group are holding the buildings at Moore Street 18 and 19 due to their importance during the Irish rebellion. 

A protest is being held today that’s drawn large crowds to defend these historical sites. Politicians like Louise O’Reilly and Richard Boyd Barrett were among the speakers who addressed the crowds, while Gerry Adams stood among the protestors.

Take a look below at some of the scenes.

For more updates on this situation, check out #SaveMooreStreet on Twitter.

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