The 15 Pretentious Notions That Gripped Dublin In 2015

Queuing overnight for Kanye West runners? Absolute NOTIONS

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It's easy, at times, to look back on what we once did/wore/said/ate and think, "what the fuck were we doing?"

Now this is all fine and good when it was 5+ years ago, but what about when it was a mere six months ago... 

2015 could arguably have been known as The Year of The Notions with all the carry on we, collectively as a nation, got up to. See for yourself...

1. Queuing for runners

Remember that time when hundreds of footwear-obsessed people huddled outside BT2 to get their hands on a coveted pair of Kanye's 'Yeezeboost' shoes? 

Yes, we do too. Outrageous scenes.

Yeezeboost 1

2. 3fe offering shots of water for €3.50 

That time when a menu offered less than 150mls of water 'to test' for €3.50. 

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3. Charging €20 for lunch at the Web Summit 

Albeit the standard of the food was very high, but be that as it may, you're paying over two hours minimum wage for two slices of bread and a lump of meat. Back in your box, Summit.

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4. Juicing

When and why did substituting liquid for food become a thing?!


5. Kale

Shite, curly lettuce. 

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6. Restaurants not providing plates

Food being served in trolleys, trucks and even atop skulls.

7. Muns 

Or 'man buns', and men desperately growing their hair in an attempt to recreate this seemingly effortless look.

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8. Avocados

And the notion that is paying extra for ripe avocados.

People even made desserts out of these things.

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9. Recreating Kylie Jenner's lips 

Whether it was young ones drawing around their lips and filling in like troopers, or that stupid fucking bottle experiment that was all sorts of wrong – Dublin's huns never gave up on the quest to recreate Ms. Jenner's blatantly filled up chops.

You have to admire their tenacity.

10. Milks that weren't milks

Almond, coconut, soy, rice, hemp, goat, sunflower.. The list goes on (and gets weirder).

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11. Protein bar selection boxes 

Clearly, in 2015, we hated ourselves.


12. 'Bro' culture

And the whole brocabulary to go with it: brotein = bro protein, broga = bro yoga, broseph = your bro, Joseph, the Brobel Peace Prize etc.

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13. Pulled pork

Pulled pork sincerely had its moment in the sun in 2015, so much so that even Abra strayed from its kebab roots and offered pulled pork to the masses.

14. Matcha lattés

The soothing properties of green tea with the fighting power of cocaine.

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15. And finally, #Paleo

The paleo diet mimics the diets of our caveman ancestors and is based mainly on meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It’s not a new concept, but one that's enjoying a surge in popularity, particularly with gym goers. 

Many Dublin restaurants catered for the trend, but it was primarily the rip-the-piss #paleo hashtag that really gained the most traction.

Periodic  Table  Of  Paleo  Food


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