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The €7.45 Dublin Daytime Pint Is Now A Thing

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Every couple of months, we see people giving out about the prices in Temple Bar but things today seem to have gone to another level. 

We are now in the land of the €7.45 pint, as seen on the receipt shares from the actual Temple Bar pub. 

Now, the usual logic applied here is that live music is being provided and that the prices rise the later the bar is open. This seems to be different though, as it’s claimed that the pint was ordered at lunch time. 

At the end of the day, it is a free world where bars can charge whatever they choose and punters can walk to another bar and get a drink at a more reasonable price. Having said that, €7.45 in the middle of the day takes some cheek.

Can you imagine how much money they made down here on Paddy’s Day…

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