Here's Every Drink Promotion You NEED To Know About On The Camden Mile

Plan your nights out accordingly

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There's nothing worse than heading out for a few drinks and waking up to a bunch of card receipts that make you weep for your lost fortune.

The Camden Mile - aka the stretch of bars running from the canal all the way to Dame Street - is always one of the busiest spots in town so we've compiled the ultimate list of drinks promos to help you get the most beer for your buck and cocktails for your cash.

From The Portobello to The Globe, here's what you need to know...

The Jar

Cocktail of the month / €7.50 / All week

The Karma Stone

3 x bottle of Desperado / €10 / Monday to Wednesday


2 for 1 selected cocktails / €7 / All week


The Palace

4 x Jagerbombs / €10 / All week


The Portobello

All pints / €4 / All week

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Vodka with Red Bull / €2 / Mondays

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The George

Pint of Tuborg / €4 / Midweek

The Globe

Havana Especial Rum and Coke / €5.50 / All week



2 for 1 selected cocktails / €12 / Tuesday to Thursday


Fade St. Social

All beers / Half price / 4-6pm Thursday and Friday

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The Chelsea Drugstore

3 x craft beers / €10 / Sundays from 8pm

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The Bernard Shaw

2 x Gin & Tonic / €12 / All week

They may be cheap but remember to drink sensibly, friends!

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