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20th Dec 2016

The Comfiest Couches In The City Centre – Where Better To Curl Up With A Cup Of Dublin Smog?


What am I drinking?

Dublin Smog – earl grey tea with vanilla and steamed milk

Where am I drinking it?

Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge on Stephen’s Street: the comfiest couches in the city centre. The music can sometimes be a little loud, but the downstairs den feels like a homely living room.

t’s a perfect spot for curling up with something warm and creamy and bad for you and forgetting about the outside world.


What does it taste like?

The first thing you taste is a hit of sweetness from the vanilla, but then the rich, citrusy tea itself sweeps in before it can overpower. It’s layered and well-balanced, the vanilla shot counters the astringency of the tea without taking away from its flavour, and the steamed milk makes the whole thing go down easy.

What does it look like?

A great big cup of steamed milk. Yum.

Where does it come from?

Earl Grey is actually black tea, but in a blend with added bergamot oil, which was apparently originally added to make cheap and ordinary black tea smell and taste more like the finer Chinese greens. The result is a slightly citrusy note over a rich base. Accents source their tea from Suki Teas, a Belfast-based tea company that specialises in punchy, fun flavour combinations.


What effect does it have?

Relaxing and warming and not at all suitable for this lovely sunny weather, it is however perfect for curling up with a book, a chat or a laptop for work (or if you’re like me, video games). It’s creamy and sweet and very soporific, so probably not one to go for if you’re looking for an energy hit.

Where can I get it?

There are a handful of places that stock Suki Tea (including KC Peaches), but this combo with vanilla and steamed milk is not a menu standard so you might need to ask for it specially. You can pick up Suki’s earl grey tea online at

Is it worth the try?

Though it’s a little on the pricey side for tea, this a really unusual drink and pure decadence. You’re not very likely to knock this up at home, so it’s worth coming in, curling up and paying the €3.20.

If you like this, also try…

Chai lattes (spiced black tea with steamed milk and sweetener) are a very similar idea, though with a stronger taste of masala than tea.