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09th Nov 2019

The Dublin Christmas lights will switch on next week and it sounds more magical than ever

James Fenton

It’s the middle of November and that means the Christmas lights in Dublin will soon be switched on, marking the beginning of the festive season.

“But when and where is the big ceremony?” we hear you ask. Well, it turns out there won’t be any. Dublin Town has revealed that the Dublin Christmas lights will be turned on next week but they won’t be revealing any specific time or date.

Nope, this year they’re going with the surprise factor meaning that you could be strolling down Henry Street or Grafton Street as the city suddenly transforms into a festive wonderland.

In a tweet, Dublin Town said that ‘There’s no set date or event, they’ll just come on. So when wandering around Dublin Town you might be lucky enough to be standing under them when they switch on for the 1st time this yr!’

So just so you know, if you’re walking around town on a first date in the coming days, the magic moment when the Christmas lights switch on could be sprung on you at any given moment.

Now all you have to do is invite them to Christmas dinner to meet your zany family and you’re basically starring in a cheesy festive romcom.

We’re feeling more Christmassy already.

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