The Ghost Bike At Harold's Cross Bridge Has Been Returned By The Council

After a public outcry, the council restored Zu Zhang Wong's memorial

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On Tuesday the ghost bike at Harold's Cross Bridge was removed by the council, but it has now been restored.

After pictures of the bikes removal were posted on, there was a public outcry against the move by the council, who'd taken the bicycle away as part of a scheme to clean up abandoned bikes.

Of course this was not a forgotten bicycle but a ghost bike, a memorial to 27-year-old Chinese national Zu Zhang Wong, who was tragically killed by a lorry at this spot in 2009.

According the The Times, Dublin City Council took heed of the public's outrage and re-installed the bike to its former location. The move was reportedly championed by Ciarán Cuffe and Patrick Costello of the Green Party.

Ghost Bike

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