The Great Gatsby Party Of Our Dreams Is Taking Place In Dublin Tonight

IMMA will be transformed into Jay Gatsby's summer mansion for one night... and one night only

Film Fatale Prohibition Gatsbys Mansion  Karn Tynan

A little party never killed nobody...

One of Europe’s biggest vintage celebrations is coming to Dublin so get ready to pop that bottle 'o' bubbly and adjust your braces, old sport!

The wonderful Film Fatale’s Prohibition is returning on August 12 with the annual 1920s summer party, Gatsby’s Mansion, at the glorious gardens and great hall of the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.

How glorious. 

Film Fatale Prohibition Gatsbys Mansion  Karen Tynan And Thomas Spratt

Join Film Fatale as they bring the greatest party in all of literature to life reimagining the world of F Scott Fitzgerald for one night only as IMMA is transformed into the epitome of 1920s glamour and decadence — Jay Gatsby’s summer mansion. 

Arrive in style to the outdoor-indoor ritzy Roaring Twenties Summer party. 

Gatsby’s chauffeur will meet guests at the gate bringing them to the manicured lawns for G&Ts, bowls, croquet and a Charleston in the sunshine before heading inside for the cat’s meow of all house parties.

Film Fatale Prohibition Gatsbys Mansion Deirdre Delaney And Karen Conroy

“In his blue gardens, men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”

Inside Gatsby’s majestic mansion, the 1920s is in full swing. 

Expect flowing giggle juice, shimmering dresses, dapper gents, dazzling fan dancers and the Film Fatale Follies — the epitome of 1920s glamour — as they blaze the stage.

Dress code is strictly 1920s/1930s so the moll at the door won’t let you in if you’re not flaunting your inner Daisy Buchanan or Jay Gatsby in total style.

So get planning your outfits, stat. Put on your vintage glad rags and flaunt your inner Daisy Buchanan or Jay Gatsby, come as a gangster or flapper.

Film Fatale Prohibition Gatsbys Mansion

Tickets for Prohibition Gatsby's Mansion on August 12 are €35 available from or TicketWeb.

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