The Keyboard Player From Hozier's Band Has Released This Epic Tune For Marriage Equality

Queeva is going to be a superstar, and this shows us why


If you watched the videos of Hozier touring the States last summer, you'll more than likely recognise Queeva's face.

She was a keyboardist and backing singer on that game-changing tour – which included this appearance on The Ellen Show – and given how Irish band members have a tendency to make it big in their own right (Vyvienne Long, Lisa Hannigan, Declan O'Rourke, et al) we're expecting massive things from this super-talented Bray singer.

And with this early foray into solo material, Queeva gives us every reason to believe she'll deliver on this promise; the tune, written in support of the Yes campaign for the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum, is an absolutely beautiful piece of work. And that voice? What can you say, really.

I was inspired to write this song because I wanted to express my view through music – that love is not discriminatory, prejudiced or biased – no matter what gender

Queeva speaking this week to

We hear you, Queeva. And hopefully not for the last time.