The Lovin Dublin Running Guide - Bushy Park

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Just because February is within an arm's reach, there's no reason to ditch your excercise plan. If you've managed to keep going the whole way through the bleakest month of the year, you should be well on track to keep up all the way through Spring. The final installment of our running guide follows a route through Bushy Park in Terenure.


We've teamed up with FLYE Fit to put together this guide along with some expert running and nutrition tips. While not all of these running routes may be near your home, we think it's worth taking a trip somewhere different for a run at the weekends for a change of scene. When you're surrounded by so many beautiful sights and sounds, it's hard not to stay motivated.

This week we decided to share another one of our favourite routes for a run, Bushy Park. We love running along the leafy paths, watching all the dog walkers, hearing the kids messing in the playground and the families taking a break on the park benches. Kristian Breen of FLYE Fit has provided us with some tips about weight training runners can do to help them become stronger.


Weight training can offer so many benefits for Runners whether your a beginner or experienced. Endurance athletes need strong bones and tendons to deal with the constant impact running has on the body. So logically speaking the stronger the muscle, the stronger the athlete. It also contributes to getting a leaner, more fuller looking body shape.


Below is a Total Body Endurance Weight Training Programme for Beginners which can be followed 2-3 times weekly along with your running training.

Machine bench press 3 sets of 20-30 Reps with 20 seconds rest between each set.

Machine overhead press 3 sets 20 -30 Reps

Seated machine Row 3 sets 20- 30 Reps

Lat pulldown machine 3 sets 20-30 Reps

Leg press machine 3 sets 20-30 Reps.

Bodyweight Plank hold until failure x 3 sets.

Always remember that the weight you use should be around 60% of your 1 rep max - not too heavy, but not too light.


We hope that you find this running guide helpful and that it inspires you to head out to Bushy Park this weekend for a nice run. Make to tag any nice pictures you take on your run with #lovindublin.

All Helly Hansen running gear was provided by The Great Outdoors.

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