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12th Jul 2020

The Luke Kelly bust has been vandalised for a seventh time

James Fenton

The bust of Luke Kelly in the north inner city has been vandalised for a seventh time, the North Wall Community Association has said.

The statue of the legendary Dubliners musician was unveiled in January 2019 and has now been vandalised seven times in the past 18 months.

Blue paint has been daubed over the face and in the mouth of the bust and statement issued by North Wall Community Association says: ‘We are very proud of the fact that Luke was born and raised in the North Wall and ask that these terrible attacks stop and that this mindless stupidity is ended once and for all.’

There have been calls for the statue to be moved but the statement adds that ‘following the last six times it has happened, we have consistently said Luke should not be moved but protected. No deterrent action taken by authorities.’

The North Wall Community Association also apologised to Luke Kelly’s family for the distress the incidents are causing.

(header pic: North Wall Community Association)