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05th Sep 2019

The New Wolves In The Woods Habitat Has Opened At Dublin Zoo

Alan Fisher

They’ll have much more room for themselves.

The brand new Wolves in the Woods habitat just opened up at Dublin Zoo.

It is a large and stimulating place for the wolves and is over 4000 m2. It includes a water feature, a feeding area and three areas where visitors can observe the wolves.

Grey wolves once roamed Ireland until their habitat was destroyed and the last one was seen in Carlow in 1786.

The director of Dublin Zoo, Leo Oosterweghel said that ‘the opening of Wolves in the Woods is yet another milestone on our journey of redeveloping Dublin Zoo into a world-class zoo and provide an excellent visitor experience.

“Every detail of the habitat has been considered carefully with the wellness of the wolf pack in mind and the design was inspired by their natural habitat”.

The wolves have settled in very well since they moved.