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The One Place I'd Buy Property In Dublin Right Now

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


I sold my home in Ranelagh during the summer. I did so for two reasons... Firstly, I thought it was a good time to sell and secondly, I'd grown tired of Ranelagh

The first reason relates to the property market fluctuations and that can be argued until the cows come home but the second point is my own personal opinion. I thought Ranelagh was getting a little too gentrified. If I had a family with kids I'd move in there in a second but personally I thought it had lost it's edge. I remember walking into the Butcher's Grill (2nd review here ever) or Michie Sushi (before they started expanding) in the early days and thinking I'd discovered a new haunt that was new and relatively secret in Dublin but by the end with 30 odd restaurants on the main street and the world and their aunt coming there to eat, I decided it wasn't for me any longer.


Now just because I no longer liked it myself personally as a place to live doesn't mean I wouldn't have a night out there or encourage others to. I just wanted to live in an up and coming place that had a new and exciting energy to it. I think it was during a trip to Cinnamon, making my way past rows of screaming babies that I decided to set about finding a new place to live. That place needed to be somewhere with a vibrant energy, no restaurant chains and a place which I thought I could watch grow and evolve in front of my eyes into one of the best places in the city. That place was Dublin 8.


I've decided to rent (yes we can do that too!!), but if I was forced to buy as an investment it would be in this unique part of the city. There are a number of reasons why I think this will become the most exciting part of the city in 3-5 years which include...

  • It reminds me of the Mission district in SFWilliamsburg in NY or Kreuzberg in Berlin before they became some of the coolest city areas in the world. Edgy and bursting full of energy 
  • The cafes and cool restaurants are starting to pop up because of the cheap rents. First place in mind... Fumbally. You won't find a place in Dublin with a cooler, more chilled clientele. 
  • When young professionals, students and the people who shape trends are squeezed out of popular areas due to increasing rents and property prices they tend to pop up somewhere else and shape the new area from the ground up. Some of the edgiest, most creative and interesting people hang around D8 now. 
  • Location. Despite relatively low rents by Dublin standards most of D8 is about a 5 minute walk from Camden Street or Grafton Street. You are only 5-10 minutes in a taxi to either Heuston or Connelly Stations. You don't need a car to live here. 
  • Loads of space. Unlike other parts of Dublin which have little or no room for development, D8 has lots of plots, warehouses and other huge opportunities to create new living and social spaces.
  • Unique buildings. Unlike somewhere like Grand Canal Dock which has box apartments that all look like each other there is a wide range of building types here in D8
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Dublin 8 can also be pretty rough and at times downright dangerous. My local Londis has a full time bouncer and he is pretty busy most nights. Our offices and neighbours have been broken into a multiple times in the last year. When I go to one local pub people tell me about the times they've been locked up while another block down you'll hear people talking about the hours they worked in their law firm as a trainee and what craft beer they'd like. Dublin 8 has an eclectic mix of people that is totally different to Ranelagh.


Another differentiation to Dublin 8 is the mix of races around here. My local food spot is the Kurdish cafe, there are a bunch of halal shops up the road and there are times when I'm listening to foreign accents and I feel that I could easily be in Paris or Damascus. Mix that foreign influence with their food, the Irish craic, the young people and you have the most wonderful energy in the city. My gut tells me something very special is happening in this area and although I think you'd be mad to buy a house in this Dublin market right now, if I was forced to I'd plump for Dublin 8. Wonderful little neck of the woods that I now call home 

7 Sorts Of Businesses That Are Bringing Unique Energy To Dublin 8

It is the people and the businesses that make this area unique. Although there are hundreds these 7 show the creative energy flocking to this area...

Probably the best creative agency in town...Thinkhouse

The latest venue from the lads in Bodytonic...MVP

Not just The Fumbally but their new Yoga studio next door as well

Wonderful craft beer in Headline 57

The amazing little Coffee shop / food cafe / Boutique at Bibis

The new Teeling Distillery and visitor centre

Ireland's most exciting publishing company (, Sportsjoe etc) called Max Media

Thats a tiny fraction of the businesses around here and there are loads that are way more established and just as important but it shows that people are flocking to this area. Think of it as Dublin's version of London's shoreditch. 

Fire up or and check out Dublin 8. A year ago I decided to move both my businesses and to live here. It's pretty good so far but wait till you see it in a couple of years time!


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