The Piece Of Road That Will Have Dubliners Rejoicing


Anybody who spends any time driving out around the M50 and especially the Red Cow area knows what an absolute head fuck Newland’s Cross is. It used to be one of the most annoying junctions in Ireland and has only been made worse by some of the most painful road works that Dublin commuters have ever had to experience. It has all been in the name of taking one step back to take two forwards though as tomorrow morning Dubliner’s will be able to make use of the brand new Newland’s Cross road layout. The ribbon has just been cut and that means that the 80,000 people passing through here every single day will be able to do so without the usual delays. It also means a much quicker escape for many Dubliners trying to leave the capital as you can effectively drive from Belfast to Cork without ever hitting a traffic light! Praise be the lord!!!

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