The Slick New Grafton Barbers TV Advert


Back in the days when I used to have hair I loved going into the Grafton Barber at the top of Grafton Street. It was always one of the experiences that I loved most about this city. It wasn't just the great haircuts but more the banter and the way that they welcomed you in as if you were family. They've been a part of the Dublin scene for years and in recent times they've been expanding all over the place. So much so that this weekend they are launching their first TV ad which looks super slick.

We don't normally feature brands pushing new stuff here on the blog but I respect what they have built through hard work and nothing is more Dublin than the Grafton Barbers. They were hipsters before anybody around the world had even heard of the word. Lets hope they keep doing well and keep growing...

60sec Grafton Barber 16 05 14 from Hugh McAllister on Vimeo.