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30th Jan 2017

There Will Be An Anti-Trump Protest Outside The US Embassy In Dublin On Thursday


Unless you’ve been living under a pretty substantial boulder over the past week or two, you’ll have heard about newly-elected President Trump’s latest controversial act – the banning of certain members of society from entering the US via their airports. 

This has, naturally, enraged the people of the world, kicking off an array of protests, riots, petitions and called for impeachment. 

Since then, an emergency rally has been set up for Ireland, waiting to kick off this Thursday outside the American Embassy in Ballsbridge. As stated in the Facebook event page:

Emergency Picket: No to Trump’s Travel Ban on Muslims & Refugees

Thursday, 6PM, U.S. Embassy Dublin
42 Elgin Rd, Dublin 4,

All Welcome. Bring banners, placards…

Please share this event and invite your friends

#NoMuslimBan #NoWallNoBan #RefugeesWelcome


US immigration at Dublin and Shannon operating Trump’s ban on people from 7 Muslim countries.

There are already many people stuck at various airports accross the world. People arriving to US airports are detained by the immigration departments. 

THE US EMBASSY in Dublin has confirmed that Donald Trump’s executive order of a 90-day ban on people from seven Muslim countries entering the US is in operation at Dublin and Shannon Airport.

Today (28/01) as we are calling this rally in Dublin, there were emergency protests US airports in support of the detained migrants. JFK Airport protests has hundreds attending. 

Companies are issueing warnings to their travelling staff. Workers cannot return to their jobs…

Families are seperated. 

Residents in US cannot return home.

Iran’s Asghar Farhadi won’t be let into the US to attend Oscar’s. He’s nominated for best foreign language film.

UN refugees are not allowed to enter US.

This list goes on…

This has nothing to do with protecting US citizens against terror.
This travel ban is yet another racist Trump policy in action.
This is an attack on freddom of travel. 
Today it is the Muslims in 7 countries, tomorrow the Mexican immigrants, next the undocumented migrant workers in the US. Where does it stop?

The event commences at 6pm that evening. 

Will you be there?

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