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03rd Apr 2018

You Can Now Have A Very Insta-Worthy Flower Crown Party In Dublin


Hands up who loves flower crowns? Hands up who actually does love flower crowns but doesn’t wanna admit it for fears of being a basic betch? 

Yep, we thought so alright. Let’s see those hands. 

Flower crowns are the summer festival staple that refuse to die, and we’re actually glad because they’re so pretttttyyyy. A midsummer night’s dream mixed with a hay fever sufferer’s nightmare. Adorable. 

You can now do private flower crown workshops in Dublin with The Crate Flowers and it sounds like the ideal girl’s night in idea 

Here’s the suss: 

They will “teach you how to make your very own flower crown using fresh and seasonably available flowers. This is perfect for weddings, hen parties, baby showers and festivals! All materials are supplied and no experience is required.

“This is suitable for all age groups. It is also great for those looking for a unique corporate group activity. Days and times are flexible to the group needs. It is possible to arrange it for your house or a hotel room, or a reserved area of a bar.

“Duration of the workshop is 1.5 hours.

“To book please contact us at [email protected]


You could do this over cocktails and bubbly in the bar or go all out and rent a huge plush hotel room and learn how to make them before festival/wedding season. Obsessed. 

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