'There’s Still Old Curtain Rails, Old Lighting… There’s Even An Old Stage As Cinemas Were Also Used As Theatres'

This husband-and-wife team took a disused cinema space, and converted it into a coffee-lovers' paradise


The Cinema Coffee Project combines two of our favourite things – coffee and movies.

With coffee becoming as much a part of our daily culture as movies have been for the past few decades, husband-and-wife team Gareth and Laura Chambers brought their abiding two passions together in the Cinema Coffee Project.

Though both were already involved in the food business, Gareth’s real home is in film production, and when he approached the owner of the derelict Old Cinema in Carlingford, then being used to store antique furniture, it was a unique opportunity.

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The pair scrubbed floors, painted walls, re-installed the electricity and water – a real labour of love to get this old cinema space back to life.

“There’s still old curtain rails, old lighting…there’s even an old stage as cinemas were also used as theatres”, and in the middle of all the romantic trappings of a bygone age of cinema, their roastery.

“Coffee we feel has become an integral part of daily life… we love that we are a part of such an amazing emerging culture.”

Their coffee is very dark, inspired by the South Italian roasts. It’s available in Avoca, as well as a handful of restaurants and cafés in the North. But put more simply, the Cinema Coffee Project say they are out to bring good coffee to the masses, because there’s still “a lot of bad cups of coffee out there”.

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Aidan Coughlan