These €35,000 Prefabs Will Be Used By The Council To Combat The Homeless Crisis

607 homeless families may benefit from the new solution


These €35,000 prefabs are Dublin City Council's latest solution to the homeless crisis.

Local authorities are hoping that 'modular housing' will be a cost effective short term solution to the homeless crisis currently facing Dublin, with the council having spent €4.5 million in the first six months of this year in hotel costs alone.

There are now 607 families with 1,275 children in Dublin who are currently homeless. 400 of these families are currently living in hotel rooms without access to cooking facilities, while more than 200 have been placed in emergency homeless accommodation.

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There are six varieties of two bedroom units on offer, ranging from €35,000 to €80,000 to install.

These fully insulated prefabs can be constructed within a matter of days within a factory, being extremely energy efficient and requiring less resources to build.

prefab-2 explains that these modular houses are intended to be a temporary solution for homeless families, giving them a chance to get back into a position where they can rent, or avail of social housing as it becomes available.


The Homeless Executive has not disclosed the location of the sites where these prefabs will be located.

To view's video demonstration for modular housing, watch the video below.

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