These are the most Googled questions Irish people have been asking during Level 5

By Rory Cashin

November 2, 2020 at 12:22pm


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And we've answered as many of them as we possibly can!

Since Level 5 restrictions began around the country, it is probably fair to assume that we've all been spending a lot more time on the internet.

Between Zoom meetings and Netflix-and-chilling and just general boredom, we have all been online more, since we've less alternatives available to us.

With that in mind, we have been turning to the internet more and more in search of answer to questions that have been on our minds a lot lately.


These are the most-Googled questions in Ireland during Level 5 restrictions, and we have done our best to provide the answers to most of them.

"Is … a symptom of coronavirus?" - Trending searches over past 7 days in Ireland:

  1. Is vertigo a symptom of coronavirus? - Sudden dizziness or regular dizzy spells can be a symptom, having been found in 8% of cases.

  2. Is blocked ears a symptom of covid? - This can be a sign of the virus in your symptom, causing your ear canals to become clogged up.

  3. Is vomiting a symptom of coronavirus? - It is a rare symptom, but yes, some people suffering from coronavirus have reported vomiting.

  4. Is a headache a coronavirus symptom? - Yes.

  5. Is a rash a symptom of covid 19? - Less common, but a rash is a symptom, as well as discolouration of the fingers and/or toes.

Top trending lockdown questions over past 7 days in Ireland:

  1. When is the 6 week lockdown over? - At the moment, the Level 5 restrictions are in place until Tuesday, December 1.

  2. What stores are open during lockdown? - Only those that serve "essential goods", but each store's website may need to be checked for their actual opening hours/days.

  3. When did level 5 lockdown start in Ireland? - The new restrictions began at 12.01am on Wednesday, October 21.

  4. Is Homestore and More open during lockdown? - They are indeed. Full opening hours here.

  5. Is Easons open during lockdown? - Yes, but are not selling any non-essential items. Full details here.

“Is … open?” - most searched questions, past week, Ireland

  1. Is Ikea open? - The store is closed, but deliveries are still available. Full details here.

  2. Is Woodies open? - Yes, full opening hours and product availabilities here.

  3. Are garden centres open? - No, but deliveries/click and collect may be available, depending on the specific garden centres.

  4. Is Argos open? - The stores are closed, but deliveries/click and collect is available.

  5. Are dentists open in level 5? - Yes, as an essential service, they will be remaining open.

"Can I go…" – most searched questions in the past week in Ireland:

  1. Can I go on holiday from Ireland? - Technically, yes, but the country you are heading to might not accept entry, or will demand a two week non-movement restrictions. Full details here.

  2. Can I go for a walk if I'm self isolating? - It is advised you leave your room as little as possible, unless you've got your own outdoor space that is separate completely from potential contact with others.

  3. Can I go for a walk if I have covid? - Again, it is advised you don't leave your room at all if you have been confirmed to have covid.

  4. Can I go shopping outside 5km? - If it is for essential items, such as food, then yes. But obviously within reason, no need to go to a Tesco 20kms away if there is one within your 5km.

  5. Can I go to a graveyard during lockdown? - Yes, but social distancing is required.

Information collated by Methods+Mastery, for week ending Thursday, October 29.

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