Remember These Painted Traffic Light Boxes? They're Coming Back – And They're Going To Be Everywhere

After a successful trial run, the project is coming back bigger and better

trafficboxes 1

You know those traffic light boxes at pretty much every junction in the city? No?

Well, that's okay – their drab and dreary design is, after all, designed to be somewhat inconspicuous, given that they're necessary but ugly elements of the cityscape.

For instance, you'd be forgiven for missing the one in the picture below, opposite the Bleeding Horse – despite the fact you've probably walked past it a million times.


However, Dublin Canvas is set about changing that – by turning these blocky features into works of art spanning the entire city.

A community street art project whose main goal is to make the city a more beautiful place to live, work and visit, Dublin Canvas initially transformed 15 traffic light control boxes in the Dublin South East area – and this time around, they'll be turning 185 boxes into colourful and stunning displays.

We'll keep you posted about the roll-out – but in the meantime, here's a selection of the art Dublin Canvas and its artists produced in its original trial run.


Pic: Nicola Colton


Pic: 'Bookcase' by Cathal McCoy and Holly Johnson


Pic: 'Mermaid' by Gicelle Archanjo


Pic: 'Tintin Parody' by Gráinne Tynan


Pic: 'Robot' by Anna Doran


Pic: Francis Quinn


Pic: 'Nothing Happens Until' by Sinead Kelly


Pic: 'Hawkie Piece' by Hawkie


Pic: 'I’ll Paint Rainbows Over Your Blues' by ADW


Pic: 'Starman Super piece' by Starman Super