These German Tourists Came To See How Lovely Dublin Is – Then Got Their Car And Passports Stolen On The First Day

But we're usually such a friendly city...


These German tourists came to Ireland to see how lovely it is and ended up getting their car and passports stolen on their first day here.

The couple, named Sebastian Smulders (33) and Lena Weiss (24), were on a camping trip in Ireland when their car was stolen.

The pair eventually parked their 2007 black Opel Astra in Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Sean McDermott Street last Tuesday morning, while they explored the city and visited sights like the Guinness Storehouse. When they returned to the spot at 11pm that night, their car was gone.


Sebastian, from Berlin, said of the theft:

Some of my clothes were strewn around the car park in the mud, and our cooler box was broken up, but everything else was gone. We could see broken glass, so we had an idea that it had not been towed away.

All of Lena's clothes, her iPad, my camera, our camping equipment and our passports were gone.

We didn't know what to do, and our cell phone batteries had died, so we asked some local people if we could use their phones to call the Gardaí.

They've now rented a car to try and continue their camping trip of the country, before they return to Germany this Friday.

Sebastian and Lena are asking that if anyone has spotted a left-hand-drive 2007 black Opel Astra estate with German plates in the past week and have information about it, please contact the Gardaí.


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