These Living Pods Have Popped Up In Dublin To Raise Awareness About Homelessness

They really stir an emotional response when you walk past them.

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Over a year ago, a homeless man, Jonathan Corrie, died just yards from the Dáil. His case caused outrage at the time, but many feel that little has changed since then with the homelessness being a major issue in the upcoming election. 

Overnight in Dublin a number of shelter pods have popped up, with one located near where Jonathan Corrie died. 

It is all part of a campaign which aims to raise awareness about the issue, and ultimately change the constitution to provide a basic right to housing for all.

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There are four pods around the city (Molesworth Street, Central Bank, Busáras and O'Connell Street) and they do a fantastic job of making you stop for a moment to think about the real issue. 

With political leaders and candidates traversing the country looking for votes, there is no better time to raise this issue and hopefully make a change to what has been a collective failing as a society. 

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The campaign also has an incredibly moving video

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