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05th Jun 2017

11 Things You Can Do In Town That Don’t Involve Eating Or Drinking


When we plan to meet up with friends, sometimes it can seem that you only real options for things to do when you see them is to eat or go for a drink.

But there are a lot more things to do in Dublin. Stay away from the bars and restaurants and check out some of the other great activities this city has to offer, like…

1. Play pool in The Hideout

The Hideout is a pool hall on South William Street, the perfect place to bring a few mates and chill out for a couple of hours.


2. Do some karaoke

Warm up those pipes, look through the songbook and sing your heart out. Ukiyo, King 7, and The Woolshed all do karaoke.


3. Go to the Adventure Rooms

Situated near Capel Street, for 60 minutes you try a mix of physical, mental and teamwork challenges in an aim to get as many points as possible. Like a playground for adults.

Adventure Rooms

4. Go to an art gallery

Try the National Gallery on Nassau Street, the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham, the Royal Hibernian Academy on Ely Place, or Hugh Lane Gallery. If it’s good enough for Ferris Bueller to do on his day off, it’s good enough for us.


5. Go to a museum

Dublin has lots of cool museums, ranging from the National Museum of Ireland, which has the ‘Dead Zoo’ exhibit, to the Little Museum of Dublin, the Dublin Writers’ Museum, the Science Gallery, the Jewish Museum, and the National Leprechaun Museum.

Little Museum Dublin

6. Watch an indie film

The IFI in Temple Bar and the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield constantly show offbeat and alternative movies.

Lighthouse Cinema

7. Hangout in the park

When the weather improves, there’s nothing nicer than sitting out in the sun. There are tons of parks in the city, from the Iveagh Gardens and Stephen’s Green to the Phoenix Park. Here are five smaller parks.

Iveagh Gardens

8. Go to a comedy night

There’s nothing to put you in a good mood like laughter. The International Bar has comedy 7 nights a week, and the Laughter Lounge and Ha’penny Bridge Inn also have regular stand-up shows. Here are the 9 best comedy clubs in the city.

Comedy Shed

9. See a play

Dublin has a ton of theatres, showing things from classic plays, to ballet, to gigs and comedy shows. Apart from the major theatres, such as The Gaiety, The Gate, The Abbey, Bord Gáis and the Olympia, there are also smaller out of the way places like Smock Alley, Tivoli, and the Project Arts Centre.

Bord Gais

10. See some live music

Seeing music live is a great experience. You get the buzz and the atmosphere unlike that just from a DJ.

Whelan’s can usually be counted on to hold gigs at the weekend, along with venues like The Academy and Mother.


11. Go for a walk

Sometimes we forget how beautiful and interesting our city is. Wander through the back streets of Dublin, or go along the scenic Grand Canal.

Grand Canal

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