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20th Dec 2016

This €2.9 Million Malahide Mansion Is Pretty F*cking Average If You Ask Us

Alana Laverty

49 Abington, Malahide is some sight.

With its sweeping gardens, spacious interior and multiple mod-cons, it reeks of the Celtic Tiger.

But I would still choose it over my minuscule gaff any day of the week. 

Mlh160035 S 04
Malahide 1

It was developed in 2000 as a ridiculously high-end housing estate, where the elite could live together side-by-side in all of their glory – the first of its kind in Ireland.

Prices were set to start at €2 million and were built on an unusually large scale. The scheme was successful to begin with, to many people’s surprise, and buyers included Ronan Keating, Nicky Byrne, Marty Whelan and Robbie Keane.

This particular house, number 49, was the second last home to be constructed. Alongside number 50 which was built by the Keatings but was later sold.

The place is wallpapered within an inch of its life. And there is marble and wood galore.  

Mlh160035 S 28
Mlh160035 S 15

Along with a handy, fully equipped gym.

Mlh160035 S 29

And a garage with an overhead studio, perfect for entertaining your young wans as a den, housing your granny or a few au pairs. Not a bother to ya. 

Garage Malahide

Abington is within reach of Malahide Village and is a short drive from Dublin Airport. It has six bedrooms, multiple entertaining rooms and a plethora of wealthy neighbours.

If you ever wanted to live like Gaby and Carlos from Desperate Housewives – now is your chance.

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