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09th Sep 2017

This 8-Minute Video Guide To ’90s Temple Bar Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today


Now here’s a bit of wonderful ’90s nostalgia for you.

This clip featured on the RTÉ show Jo Maxi (old Dublin slang for a taxi), in this segment reporter Niamh Walsh took to the streets of Temple Bar in March of 1991 to see what it had to offer.

Her tour brought her to Keller Cabaret to give herself a wonderfully ’90s makeover, before hitting up the then-trendy shoeshop Dv8 and hanging out with a couple punks on a street corner.

On her journey Walsh also had one especially cringeworthy encounter outside a comic book shop before visiting Temple Bar Studios where up-and-comers The Frames just happened to be recording…

Jo Maxi started on Network 2 (remember Network 2?!) in 1988 and finished in 1994, it covered issues relating to teenagers through reports and discussions, as well as reviewing books, movies and other TV shows. Ray D’Arcy was among its presenters.

To visit RTÉ Archives and watch the full video, click here.

H/T ninjaswap/Reddit.

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