This 'Bring Your Own Cocktail' Bar Is Coming To Dublin Very Soon

You bring it, they mix it. Genius!

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This is EXACTLY what Dublin is missing: a BYOC bar. 

AKA, Bring Your Own Cocktail

Drop Dead Twice will open its doors on October 13 on Francis Street, D8, over near Christ Church. 

And it's bound to be a huge success, but it is a pop-up, so get booking your slot now. 

It's just €20 for a two hour slot, in which you hand over your booze to the mixologists who'll transform it into delish cocktails. I'm excited just at the thought. 

It's been done before in the likes of London and New York. The best idea, ever?

Quite possibly.

We shall see you there, if you're lucky. 

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Written By

Alana Laverty

Just a Galway gal eating and writing her way around Dublin / @alanalav